My biggest problem- not finishing projects

My biggest problem is not finishing projects. I start new projects all the time- and I mean, all the time. I think of an interesting idea for a coding project and boom- I create a new GitHub repo and start working on some code. I think of a new idea for an article and boom- I’ve clicked create a new page and am writing (exactly what I’ve done for this article, except that I actually finished it!).

But what’s wrong with working on so many projects? To be frank, I think working on a couple projects at once is alright but the issue comes when you continuously start new projects and don’t finish them. Simply put, it’s a huge waste of both time and energy.

This is something I have been struggling with a huge amount and have tried to solve in a variety of ways. Here are some tips which you may find helpful:

Take time before starting a project

If you think of a project idea, wait at least a day before starting. Sleep on it. Evaluate it. Will it bring you or others value? Could you be working on something else which is more valuable? Is it really better than a project you are working on currently.

Make it harder to start a new project

Often I find that I just start a new project because it’s so easy and quick. Try to make the process of starting a project harder, more thorough and even slightly monotonous.

What I have started doing is any project I want to start I have to write a few points evaluating it- what are the pros and cons, how will it benefit me or others…

Enjoy your current projects more

List all the projects you are currently working on and what value they bring you or others. You don’t need to change the world but as long as you are learning or having a positive impact on people, it’s a good project!

Recognise that your projects are not always going to be all fun and games- there will be tough parts which you will have to power through. There will be many times where you feel like giving up but, I know it’s so cliche, you should never give up.

Have a maximum number of projects

Try to give yourself a maximum number of projects, meaning that before you can start a new one you must finish one of your current ones.

Plan your projects better

Before starting a project you should create a detailed roadmap/ action item list. Not only will it prepare you better for the project ahead but it may also lead to you deciding not to pursue the project because you could be working on something better.


Once you have started your project, find a way to hold yourself accountable, whether it’s through posting about it online, finding an accountability partner or another way- whatever works for you.

Regular check in

At regular intervals, for example every week, you should check in on all your projects and list what you accomplished to get you closer to completing it. Write it down (e.g. using Notion or a notebook). If you have done nothing, be honest and just put nothing. This honesty will encourage you to avoid repeatedly doing so.


To conclude, starting new projects all the time and not finishing them is an incredibly challenging yet important problem to solve. Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate a project before starting can be incredibly valuable and can save you from wasting a huge amount of time working on a project which you will not complete.

Hopefully you found this somewhat helpful and I hope it acts as an encouragement to finish your projects before starting new ones!

If you want more content on entrepreneurship, tech and productivity, I would hugely appreciate it if you gave me a follow: Charles Calzia. Thanks and make some progress on that project of yours!




Student, software developer and entrepreneur | Solving problems through software | Writing about tech, startups and productivity |

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Charles Calzia

Charles Calzia

Student, software developer and entrepreneur | Solving problems through software | Writing about tech, startups and productivity |

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