Why you should start the 100 days of code challenge today

Today marks the beginning of my 100 days of code challenge. I know the journey is going to be a long and challenging journey but I am hoping that by the end of it I will have improved my programming skills, met some incredible people and developed a consistent programming habit. In this article I will be sharing some advice and motivation for the 100 days of code challenge.

Have a clear goal in mind

What do you want to achieve from doing the 100 days of code challenge? Is it to build cool projects, to have fun, to meet new people or what? Before you start any project you should always understand your goals, which will allow you to have greater clarity and motivation.

Make time for what you truly enjoy

For me, programming is what I truly enjoy. Sure, I find writing enjoyable, but what I enjoy above everything else is writing many lines of code to create amazing projects. Dedicating at least an hour each day for programming ensures that each day I can do something I enjoy.


Absolutely, exercise is one of the easiest ways to become a better programmer! Consistent exercise has been scientifically proven to have an incredible number of positive health effects, ranging from improving cognitive function to reducing the risk of many diseases. Personally, when I feel unmotivated, in an unhappy mood or lacking inspiration, I simply go for a five to ten minute run, which has lead me to find some of my best ideas and return completely refreshed. Does exercise really help me become a better programmer? The answer is absolutely yes! I guarantee that going on even a short run will improve your productivity, ability to learn and so much more. It is also a great opportunity to take a much-needed break from staring at the screen for hours on end.

Write about your journey

Share your knowledge, your failures, your successes and what you learned with others. Encourage people to embark on the journey to improve their programming skills with a daily programming habit. Using the Feynman Technique (where you try to explain a concept as if you were teaching a young child) can be an incredible way to not only further your understanding and ensure that you fully understand a concept, but also to help others understand a challenging concept.

Be consistent

The hard truth is that building a habit is hard. It requires incredible consistency, as with anything. You’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of consistency hundreds of times but most people say to just be consistent. But how? Consistency is a hard to skill to learn. You need to understand that you will have low points in your programming journey- it is certainly not an easy road! There will be times where you spend days trying to troubleshoot a single error in your code. There will be times when you feel like giving up but that is where you are at a crossroad. Do you give up like the majority of people or do you continue and fight for your success? As John Hawkins said:

“If success were easy, everybody would do it. Because it’s not, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself by solving problems. The more problems you solve, the more success you’ll have in life. Then, once you’re successful, you won’t have any more problems, right? Wrong. But if you’re lucky, you’ll have a better class of problems.”

Success is hard, which makes it valuable

Regardless of if you are a senior developer or have never touched a single piece of code before, you should do the 100 days of code challenge. It is never too late to start programming!

Craft your own path, enjoy the journey and never stop learning!

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